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Warm Friendly Floors

The ideal temperature distribution in a room is one where a person's feet are slightly warmer than the head. Under floor heating, as the figure below demonstrates, gives an ideal temperature distribution.

How It Works

The system is based on the controlled flow of warm water, which is gently circulated through low density polythene heating tubes which are laid in the concrete slab in various circuits and are connected to a distribution header, normally placed in the centre of the home.

Heat is emitted through radiation and convection With underfloor heating the actual surface which gives off heat is extended over the whole floor area.

  •  The result is that more heat is emitted by radiation than convection
  •  A higher proportion of radiant heat supplies a pleasant and agreeable indoor temperature
  •  Warmth encompasses the entire home
  •  Living comfort increases
  •  Comfort improves because excessive heat is not required to supply warmth at foot level
  •  A human beings sensation of temperature is controlled by the foot, for if the foot is warm then the body is warm

A human being feels that the temperature in a room is higher if his feet are warm.

The feet are a human being's thermostat


  •  In the family home, it is the floor which is felt to be the coldest surface
  •  When the feet are cold, the body responds and wants extra warmth. A higher air temperature is then required to heat the floor and therefore more energy is consumed
  •  Underfloor heating keeps the floor warm and in turn allows the air temperature to be reduced
  •  A reduction of 1 degree C in the temperature of the air in a room requiring normal ventilation can lead to an energy saving of approximately 6%

Controls Are Important

  •  Poor controls will ruin any heating system and in the long run cost the user more to operate
  •  Whenever there is a complaint about coil in slab heating it has been found that it is due to lack of proper control
  •  When an underfloor heating system is supplied from a solid fuel burner or gas boiler it is advisable to install a weather compensating controller
  •  When the underfloor heating system is supplied by electricity then the weather compensating controller is of little use
  •  The weather compensating controller actually changes the water temperature flowing through the coils as dictated by the ambient weather conditions avoiding the problems of overshoot or undershoot
  •  Proper controls will soon pay for themselves in reduced operating costs

What Fuels Can Be Used ?

  •  Underfloor heating can be supplied from any source of energy because it is transmitted to the slab by warm water
  •  Poor controls will ruin any heating system and in the long run cost the user more to operate
  •  Solid Fuel
  •  Natural Gas
  •  Off Peak Electricity
  •  LP Gas
  •  Distillate
  •  Click here for more information on Solid Fuel Burners


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