The ideal temperature distribution in a room is where a person’s  feet are slightly warmer than their head, in slab floor heating produces just that, the ideal temperature distribution.

The in slab floor heating is based on the flow of warm water through cross linked polyethylene heating pipes embedded in the structural slab or a screed on top of the structural slab, the heat is conducted  through the heating pipes and absorbed into the concrete slab, transforming a cold floor into a warm and pleasant surface that heats your whole home.

Water is heated, then is pumped through pipe work from the heat source to a manifold position within the home, here it is divided and distributed to various circuits around the home, gently heating the floor in every room.

A room thermostat can be used to control the whole home  as one zone or the manifold can be fitted with actuators to every circuit and you can wire multiple thermostats too group certain rooms together creating different temperature zones.

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